3 Winter Boredom Busters for the Family

Between heavy outerwear and wool accessories, winter laundry is no joke. With the upcoming holidays you don’t have time to stress about how to treat salt stains. There are better things to worry about like fending off Aunt Betty’s comments about your cooking. We have your go-to tips for winter laundry.


Sweaters are a bear to wash. They need a delicate touch and must be individually reshaped by hand after washing. Try a product like Dryel which easily refreshes your sweater in the dryer in 15 minutes. No delicate cycles, or hand shaping. Just throw it in and forget it. Or try wearing a cami or t-shirt underneath to keep your sweaters fresher for longer. This way you don’t have to deal with lying them flat to dry weekly.


It’s tempting to ignore the delicate rim of white, crystalizing at the bottom of your work pants until the season is over, but the longer you wait to deal with a salt stain the more work it’s going to be. Time to adult. Lightly wet the area, rub a little Biz into it, wait 5-10 minutes and wash. It couldn’t be any easier.


You don’t have time to fish out wool hats and scarves from the sopping wet laundry to dry separately, and you can forget digging for a missing mitten. Throw all of your winter accessories into mesh laundry bags and wash normally. This way you can easily grab any wool that needs to line dry and your gloves and mittens won’t lose each other in the wash cycle.


Now that your winter laundry woes have been solved, you can go back to throwing everything in the closet before your family arrives for Thanksgiving. You’re welcome.

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