A Valentine to Biz

“I love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty.”

Okay, maybe not more than eyesight, but our love for you, Biz, is greater than words can wield, as Shakespeare so eloquently states. Though we will try. So we dedicate this love letter to you on this Valentine’s Day.

You Make My Life Easier
Dearest Biz, between soccer practices and recitals, composting and diaper clean up, the last thing I want to dedicate my time to is fighting tough stains. But you chivalrously destroy those tough stains every time without my needing to lift a finger.

Your Modesty Becomes You
You won’t brag about it, but you pack more stain fighters than other leading brands. In head to head studies you come out on top every time and I never need to listen to you gloat. Your quiet confidence is just what I look for in a liquid booster.

You Save the Day
When bleach isn’t allowed, it’s never a problem. You blast those stains with your next-level cleaning power while keeping my clothes looking vibrant and new.

Darling Biz, without you my clothes would be dingy, my stains unconquered and my brain further frazzled. Thank you for being my laundry love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Biz.

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