Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Laundry Disasters

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! St. Patrick’s Day is one of our all time favorite holidays. The green beer and greasy food are part of what we love about this jolly holiday, but those things can also mean laundry disasters. Keep celebrating, we’ll tell you how to conquer these St. Patty’s Day laundry mishaps.

Green Beer
Your deep into an Irish drinking song with all of your closest friends, you met five minutes ago, when one of your newfound buddies enthusiastically sloshes his green beer onto your crisp white shirt. Firstly, white was a misstep. Next year, wear green and avoid this situation completely. But you’ve chosen this and now we must work with what we have. Head to your nearest restroom and rinse thoroughly with cold water. This will help to dilute some of the damage and make it easier to treat. Don’t wait until next week to wash! Throw in the washer ASAP for best results.

Corned Beef Mess
We love corned beef and sauerkraut as much as the next person, but let’s face it, it’s not the neatest snack of choice, especially after a few green beers. That first bite can mean grease and juice spilling onto your duds. Never slop water onto a grease stain, but instead dab off as much grease as you can while you’re out. Once you get home try chalk powder or baking soda to absorb even more grease and then gently brush away before washing with Biz Liquid, guaranteed to fight those stains better than leading brands.

Cheers to one of our favorite holidays, that doesn’t have to be a laundry disaster.

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