BBQ Stain Disasters

Lady ruining her t-shirt with tomato sauce eating burger

The sun is out, the grill has been uncovered and cookout season has started. On the picnic table, an array of delicious condiments ready for your burger. But what happens when the sauce has other ideas and ends up all over your new white shirt? Don’t worry, we have a few tips that should be able to save your clothing.


  1.  Lift – don’t wipe!


First you will want to try and remove as much of the offending sauce as possible. Attempt to scrape the blob off with a dull knife or flat object. This will avoid having the sauce rub down and settle into the fabric fibers.


  1. Cold Water


After attempting to remove as much of the condiment as possible the next step is to dab the stain with a wet, clean cloth. If you have access to a sink or hose, running it under a strong stream of cold water is a good way to keep the stain from setting.


  1. Pre-treat with enzyme fighters


Follow up the rinse by applying an enzyme fighter. Most BBQ sauces are composed of oil and tannins (from vegetables) which makes for a tricky combination. Enzymes, like the ones in Biz Stain Fighter, help break down the stain and give you a fighting chance.


  1. Wait to dry


Once your stained clothing has gone through the wash cycle make sure to check that the sauce is completely gone. If there is a spot remaining, keep treating and washing till it is gone. Putting the garment in the dryer too soon will set the stain, which makes it even more difficult to remove.


So this summer don’t hesitate to reach for your favorite BBQ sauce(s). With quick action and Biz Stain Fighter you should be back manning the grill in no time.

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