Candy Stain Disasters

halloween candy stains

Fall is finally upon us and with it comes all the holiday sweets and treats. Halloween brings out the ooey gooey candy and along with it some serious stain disasters. Whether it’s chocolate or gummy, these sweet confections can do a number on your clothing or costumes. Fear not, we’ve unwrapped a few tricks to cut through those sticky stains. 

Pour a concentrated amount of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator onto the spot and let sit. 

If it is a delicate article of clothing or costume you will want to use the hand wash method. Start by filling a sink or bucket with cold water and Biz liquid. Turn the garment inside out and gently submerge and swish. Drain the water and rinse out any remaining soap. Gently ring the clothing out and hang to dry. 

hand washing biz stain fighter

If it is a more durable costume you can follow the instructions on the garment label and don’t forget to use Biz liquid to make sure it comes out spotless. 

biz stain fighter detergent

So, with Halloween right around the corner make sure to stock up on BIZ so when the kids collect their candy loot all you have to worry about is their sugar intake and not their clothing.

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