Don’t Throw That Shirt Away

Customer looking at clothes

There is no denying that being a smart clothing consumer can not only save you money but is also better for the environment. In fact, more than half of fast fashion produced is thrown away in less than a year and only 1% of that is actually recycled. The best way to avoid having to toss your clothes is to shop smart and keep them in tip-top shape. With that said, we have a few ways to make your clothing last a little longer.

Shop smart

Next time you’re on the hunt to add to your wardrobe you may want to do a little research. Look for brands with sustainable practices and good working environments. While the price may be higher for these items they are usually better quality and will last much longer. 

Look for articles of clothing crafted from natural materials. These tend to be more eco friendly and easier to maintain. Again, organic clothing may be a little more costly but as it becomes more mainstream the prices should become more wallet friendly.


First and foremost you will want to follow the care instructions on all of your clothing. This will increase the longevity of your pieces. We know it’s tempting to throw everything in the dryer but it can cause significant damage to certain fibers and wear your clothes out faster. Investing in a sturdy drying rack is a great way to make sure your items last longer. 

Don’t let the stain win

Don’t give up when your clothing gets stained! You may be tempted to throw it out but why not try to save it first. We recommend treating your stains with Biz Stain and Odor Eliminator. before running a wash cycle. Keep treating until the stain has been removed. You can also buy second hand items that may have a stain or two and treat them with Biz to make them like new again. After all, vintage clothing is always trendy.

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