Fight Stains on Your Kid’s Clothing

Toddler with stained paints

Warmer weather means you can finally send the kids outdoors for hours. But then they come in through the back door covered in mud, dirt and who knows what. You try to get the mysterious stains out as best you can but sometimes you miss one and it now it’s set. But wait! Don’t throw those adorable shorts out just yet. Here are a few techniques to remove those tough, set-in stains.

First step is to mix a powdered detergent, like Biz Powder, with warm water and submerge the clothing thoroughly. Allow the apparel to soak for a few hours or even up-to overnight. This allows for the detergent to active and the stain to break down.

Spot treat
Don’t be afraid to attack the offending blotch again. Biz is specifically designed to fight stains better than leading brands guaranteed. So slap some on that stubborn spot and let sit for a little longer. This will further activate the stain fighting enzymes.

Cold water
Finally, we recommend washing the garment in cold water and even running an extra rinse to completely wash away any remaining stain or residue. Make sure the spot is completely gone before drying and if not you can repeat the process.

So don’t be afraid to send your kids out the door this summer and let them run around to their heart’s content. You are now ready to battle those unyielding stains and save your children’s clothes from ending up in the trash.

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