Four Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Parenting Genius

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We know that moming is hard. Biz makes it easier by getting out tough baby and toddler stains in clothes, and we’re sharing other genius parenting hacks we know will make your life just a little bit easier.


If you’re an ambitious mommy and make our own baby food, freeze it in ice cube trays for perfectly sized portions and easy freezer storage. Bonus, this frozen treat is heaven for teething babes.


Let’s face it, the second you get your baby to sleep, you’re going to realize you left your phone in the room, or forgot to turn on the humidifier. If the sound of the catch wakes up your baby, try putting a hair tie around both door knobs to block the catch and keep the door from making any noise at all.


Toddlers are obsessed with copying everything you do. If you have a makeup obsessed toddler try pouring different nail polish colors into an old eyeshadow compact and once it’s dry, give them a makeup brush and let them have at it. They’ll be completely occupied and you can actually get some mascara on before you head out the door.


A bib is never going to cut it. When toddlers eat, they are messy. Place a large t shirt over their clothes and then peel it off when they’re done and they’re good to go! But when those inevitable spills pop up from every other area of your life, use Biz to beat those tough stains easily.


A mom’s life will never be a cake walk, but these simple tricks make it a little easier.edited

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