Laundry Hacks

Grass Stained Pants

The grass is always greener…

when it shows up on the knees and back pockets of kids everywhere. The warmer weather means kids are outside playing and out of your hair for a few minutes. It also means they bring a little of the outside world back in with them.

Biz supercharges your laundry detergent. It has a stainfighter for all occasions; enzymes, peroxides, whitening agents, and detergents OH MY! From grass to juice to pasta sauce to mud, Biz blows stains out of the water.

Here’s a few other tricks to keep your laundry game on point:

  • A mesh laundry bag keeps your delicates delicate, but it can also make sure your socks come out of the dryer in pairs. Take it to the next level by assigning everyone their own bag and say bye bye to sorting.
  • Keep a change jar in the laundry room for found pocket money. Whoever washes it keeps it.
  • No more dreading the dry clean only tag; grab a dryel at-home dry cleaning kit and turn your dryer into your own personal dry cleaner.
  • Throw a dry towel in with wet clothes from the washer to turbocharge your dryer. It will absorb moisture and save time. That’s good for you and your energy bill.

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