Removing Stains From Cotton


Harvested from the cotton plant, long thin cotton fibers make up a vast majority of clothing manufactured today, including denim. Odds are, cotton is most likely the main fabric in your wardrobe. In fact, upwards of 25 million tons of cotton bales are produced each year. It is used in manufacturing towels, sheets and blankets. Hypo-allergenic and good for moisture control, cotton continues to reign as the king of textiles.

So what happens when you spill something on your favorite cotton shirt? We’ve got the insider tips for basic cotton stain removal below:

If possible, blot the area to remove any remaining gunk.

Best to keep it wet and not allow the stain to set. Rinsing under cold water is a great way to keep the stain from absorbing into the cotton fibers more.

Pretreat with Biz Stain Fighter. This product is one of the best enzyme cleaners on the market and can fight a myriad of stains all at once.

Wash as instructed on the garment label. If the stain is still present do not dry! Repeat steps 2-4 until the stain has been removed.

Cotton is “the fabric of our lives” and is utilized through many aspects of our clothing and home fabrics. Make sure to keep Biz stocked for any cotton stain emergencies.

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