Soccer Mom Must-Haves

Muddy Soccer Game

Spring means soccer games and muddy uniforms.

You’ll spend tonight washing muddy uniforms so you should at least spend the game in luxury. Here are our top soccer mom must-haves:

The Mom Pod

These bad boys will keep you warm in the fall, cool in the spring, protect you from the rain and wind and are lovingly referred to as the mom pod. Bonus: you’ll look cool. There are a few different versions but this is our favorite.

The Chair

You’ll need a great chair, especially for tournament days. Think six hours of riveting children’s matches. This zero gravity chair is a great option. It reclines, offers sun shade and a generous drink/key/phone holding area. If you want to go big time, be the envy of all of the other soccer parents with this lounger.

The Shoes

Soccer is notoriously muddy in the springtime, so fancy footwear is out. Opt instead for a great, waterproof rain boot. These Hunter boots will keep your feet warm, comfortable and dry throughout the season.

So sit back in your mom pod and sip your hot coffee as your little ones traipse through the mud. You’ll have enough to worry about later.

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