Winter Sweater Stains

thick winter sweater

The holiday season is synonymous with celebration. Along with festivities comes sweets, treats and booze, that might end up spilled on you! Don’t let a stain on your sweater ruin your holiday party vibe. Whether you’re rocking an ugly Christmas sweater on a pub crawl or a chic cable knit for a work party all you have to do is stock up on just one product to make sure your garments stay clean.

Biz Stain Odor & Eliminator is your go-to for fighting holiday stains. Whether it’s pumpkin pie or egg nog, Biz is strong enough to battle the stains but gentle enough for your holiday sweaters. Its unique blend of enzymes works quickly to dissolve stains and odors.

And floundering for gift ideas? Create a garment care gift basket for a quick and easy holiday present. Here are a few items that would make for a perfect gift bundle:

  1. Biz Stain Fighter
  2. Hangers 
  3. Dryel At- Dry Cleaner
  4. Garment bags
  5. OxiClean Stain Remover Pen

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