You’ve Been Doing Your Laundry Wrong (and What To Do Instead)

It’s back to school time and that means it’s time for a new school (we’ve got jokes) approach to laundry. Parenting today is a far cry from when grandma was raising kids. You’re busy. It’s time to take your laundry game to the next level.


Labeled baskets

Between soccer practices, work, PTA meetings, and Pinterest worthy birthday parties, there’s not much time for laundry. You do the hard part, let your family do the rest. Keep a labeled basket for each member of your family in the laundry room. They can snag their clothes when they’re done and save you a trip.


Stain Fighting

The struggle is real. With a never ending calendar of sporting events, the stain factor has definitely been upped. Your normal laundry detergent just isn’t cutting it. When you can’t beat tough stains add some Biz to your wash cycle and watch them fade into oblivion.


The Sock Strategy

The most dreaded laundry task? Sock matching, hands down. Bite the bullet and spend the cash to buy the exact same socks for everyone in the family. Sound crazy? You’ll be thanking us come laundry day. If different sizes are needed, buy a different color. You’ll be able to easily match and sort while simultaneously wiping noses, answering endless “why” questions and helping with homework.


The Gift of Laundry

At a certain point your kids can do their own laundry. Don’t freak. While there will definitely be shrunken sweaters and formerly white loads of pink clothes, if you can accept the missteps it will save you loads (get it? We just can’t stop) of time. In addition to taking on responsibility, they’ll gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. A win/win in our book! Pick an age that makes sense for your family and gift each kid their very own laundry basket on that birthday. Let the fun begin!


Your life is busy but we’re here to help. These tips will save you time and your sanity.

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