Clothing Stains: Pre-soaking & Spot Treating – Biz Stain Fighter


When it comes to the never ending battling against stains, your two biggest weapons are the pre-soak and the spot treatment. Whether it’s grass stains or ketchup, your best moves come before the washing machine and arming yourself with the right stain cleaner.

With its unique enzyme blend, Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator is better formulated for pre-soak and spot treatments. Ranked one of Best In Class Stain Removers by, Biz is a tried and tested product for fighting those pesky spots. We’ve got the tips and techniques to help you get those stains out of your clothing.


Pre-soak is a great way to really clean heavily soiled garments. A good soak allows the detergent time to work its magic. By giving it more time, you are allowing the detergent to loosen and dissolve stains, making them easier to remove in the wash.

Certain stains require certain techniques to remove it. So what happens if you don’t know what type of stain has mysteriously appeared on your clothing? A pre-soak is a great way to cover all types of stains.

To pre-soak your clothing just mix Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator in with warm water and let the garments soak for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Then wash according to the manufacturer instructions on the tag.

Spot Treat

This is just for targeted areas that you need to treat, especially if the article of clothing has intricate beading or designs.

Biz Liquid is specifically formulated to pre-treat stains. With more stain fighters than other brands, Biz is your best bet for treating those tricky spots.

Pre-treat the stain directly by wetting the area with warm water then applying Biz. Rub gently and wait for 5-10 minutes then wash as usual. You can also add Biz to every load to boost the power of your detergent.