How to Remove Fruit Juice Stains – Biz Stain Fighter


Summertime means the fresh produce section is overflowing with delicious, fruity options. Not to mention more fresh juices are readily available. But what happens if that juice ends up on your clothing instead of in your glass? With one simple product and just a few easy steps, you can remove those pesky juice stains.

Your best weapon against stains is Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. This small but mighty product contains a unique blend of enzymes that are great at battling stains without harming your clothing or fabrics. Juices contain a great deal of sugar which can turn into a bit of a sticky situation. But with Biz’s stain fighters the sugary spots don’t stand a chance. Biz can be purchased at most grocery stores and online.

The first step is to pretreat the juice stain with Biz. Gently rub it into the spot and making sure it’s fully absorbed so it can get to work.

Or you can soak for 30 minutes in one-quart warm water with one tablespoon of Biz detergent.

Next, wash the garments according to the garment care label. You can even boost your laundry load with Biz Liquid Boosters. After the cycle, if the stain is not completely removed, repeat all of the steps above. When the juice stain is gone, dry according to garment label instructions.