Stains on Workout Clothing – Biz Stain Fighter


Since you’ve been actively sticking to your New Year’s resolution to finally commit to that workout routine, there’s no doubt you’re dealing with laundering lots of gym clothing. But what happens when you get a stain on that spandex? We’ve got a few tips to keep that stinky activewear working for you.

Pretreat any stains or spots with Biz Stain Remover. Biz is also fantastic at removing odors. It’s fully loaded with enzymes to help break down the sweat clinging to your clothing. Apply and let it sit on any offending areas for 5-10 minutes.

Turn the garments inside out before washing. Most of the bacteria are inside the clothing where it touches your body. This will also protect any detailing or colors on your garments.

Wash as soon as possible. The longer the piece sits the more time the sweat and soil can sink into the material. Cold water helps prevent the fibers from breaking down. (Of course, follow the cleaning instructions on the tag, but most of them recommend cold water.)

Load the laundry with like items and boost the cycle with Biz Liquid Boosters. These nifty little pods are proven to out-clean other color-safe bleach.

Air dry your workout clothing! This stops pilling and those brand decals from falling off. It also prevents shrinkage or any spots from becoming permanently baked in.